Fisher Catalog Number: NC0841560

Q-Parallel Synthesizer - 12
Q-Parallel Synthesizer - 12
Item# 100-12MLPS-012

Product Description

Q-Parallel Synthesizer-12 has following features and advantages:

-Q-Block-PS12 (heating block) has 12 wells for Q-Tube-12mL, 2 well for thermocouple and thermometer

-Internal water or air cooling channel (it takes less than 3 min from 170 C to 60 C)

-Quicker library synthesis than a microwave synthesizer (e.g., for 12 reactions, if each one takes 10 min, plus heating and cooling, a microwave synthesizer could take 12 x 14 min= 168 min. Q-Parallel Synthesizer-12 may take only 30 - 40 min)

-Broader solvent selection than a microwave synthesizer, including non-polar, low BP solvent

-Cleaner reaction profile (a microwave synthesizer could generate over-heat hot spots)

-Small footing fits on IKA hot plate/stirrer


-More cost efficient than a microwave synthesizer

Q-Parallel Synthesizer-12 contains all items needed for immediate use:

1. One Q-Block-P12 [aluminum heating block)

2. Twelve Q-Tube-12mL sets with High pressure adapter (180 psi)

3. Fifty sets of pressure tube-12mL/septa

4. Twelve stir bar-12mL

Hot plate/stirrer is not included. IKA is a trade mark of IKA-Work Inc.