Fisher Catalog Number: NC0841550

QianCap Purging - 25-v2a
QianCap Purging - 25-v2a
Item# 100-QC00PG-025-v2a

Product Description

QianCap Purging-25-v2a could be applied onto Ace-Thred pressure tubes and bottles with #25 thread. The system contains all items needed for immediate use.

This system can be operated safely and accurately with high reproducibility with a wide range of gases, including HCl, NH3, H2, O2, N2, Ar, D2, CO, CO2, and etc.

Max pressure: 60psi

Optional 2 gas feed lines is available.

Optional high pressure adapter (120psi) is available.

For technical questions, please email to SALES@QLABTECH.COM or call 860-460-9846.

1 set/pk


Septa - 12 mL
Septa - 12 mL
This disposable septum is made of blue PTFE face and white silicone backing. It fits on Q-Tube-12mL. The blue PTFE liner has excellent chemical resistance and silicon backing has reseal ability. Using other septa may cause explosion.