Fisher Catalog Number: NC0841550

QianCap Purging - 25-v2
QianCap Purging - 25-v2
Item# 100-QC00PG-025-v2

Product Description

QianCap Purging-25-v2 could be applied onto Ace-Thred pressure tubes and bottles with #25 thread. The system contains all items needed for immediate use.

This system can be operated safely and accurately with high reproducibility with a wide range of gases, including HCl, NH3, H2, O2, N2, Ar, D2, CO, CO2, and etc.

Max pressure: 60psi

Optional 2 gas feed lines is available.

Optional high pressure adapter (120psi) is available.

For technical questions, please email to SALES@QLABTECH.COM or call 860-460-9846.

1 set/pk


This disposable septa is made of blue PTFE face and white silicone backing. The blue PTFE liner has excellent chemical resistance and silicon backing has reseal ability. It will release pressure at 120 psi on Q-Tube-12mL systems and 60 psi on QianCap-15 and 25 systems. Using other septa may cause explosion.

Max pressure: 120psi.

100 pieces/pk
Septa-12-Low 100-000825-001
O-Ring-35-s / 100-315SMZ-035. This O-Ring is for Q-Tube - Purging-35-SS, Q-Tube Pressure Monitor-35-SS, QianCap Purging-15-v2 and QianCap Purging-25-v2. This Simriz O-ring has excellent compatibility with most of the chemicals, including inorganic and organic acids and bases, alcohols, aliphatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatics, ketones, esters, ether and aldehydes and fuel oils.

1 pc/pk