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QianCap - 25
QianCap - 25
Item# 100-QCAP00-025
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Product Description

QianCap™ -25 contains all items needed for immediate use on Ace-Thred pressure tubes/bottles with internal thread #25. Ten Septa-12mL-Low are included.

Max pressure: 60psi

Optional high pressure adapter (120psi) is available. please email us for details, SALES@QLABTECH.COM or call 860-460-9846.

1 set/pk


Q-Block™ -C8 can accommodate 12 and 35mL Q-Tube, 48, 75, 100, 150 and 350mL pressure tubes and bottles, 10 and 30mL Biotage microwave vials. This anodized aluminum block can fit on circular hotplate/stirrer, has an internal channel for quick water cooling, and 2 wells for temperature control and monitor.

Pressure tubes, bottles, Q-Tube™ and QianCap™ are sold separately.

1 pcs/case

Biotage is a trademark of Biotage AB.
High Pressure Adapter - 120
High Pressure Adapter - 120
WARNING: This adapter is for pressure tubes with round bottom and OD 38mm or less. It can be applied onto both QianCap-15 and 25. Max: 120 psi. 1/pk. .