Fisher Catalog Number: NC0841532

QianCap - 25
QianCap - 25
Item# 100-QCAP00-025

Product Description

QianCap™ -25 contains all items needed for immediate use on Ace-Thred pressure tubes/bottles with internal thread #25. Ten Septa-12mL-Low are included.

Max pressure: 60psi

Optional high pressure adapter (120psi) is available. please email us for details, SALES@QLABTECH.COM or call 860-460-9846.

1 set/pk


Q-Block™ -C8 can accommodate 12 and 35mL Q-Tube, 48, 75, 100, 150 and 350mL pressure tubes and bottles, 10 and 30mL Biotage microwave vials. This anodized aluminum block can fit on circular hotplate/stirrer, has an internal channel for quick water cooling, and 2 wells for temperature control and monitor.

Pressure tubes, bottles, Q-Tube™ and QianCap™ are sold separately.

1 pcs/case

Biotage is a trademark of Biotage AB.
High Pressure Adapter - 120
High Pressure Adapter - 120
WARNING: This adapter is for pressure tubes with round bottom and OD 38mm or less. It can be applied onto both QianCap-15 and 25. Max: 120 psi. 1/pk. .
This disposable septa is made of blue PTFE face and white silicone backing. The blue PTFE liner has excellent chemical resistance and silicon backing has reseal ability. It will release pressure at 120 psi on Q-Tube-12mL systems and 60 psi on QianCap-15 and 25 systems. Using other septa may cause explosion.

Max pressure: 120psi.

100 pieces/pk
Septa-12-Low 100-000825-001