Q Labtech specializes in safe pressure reactor (patented), an affordable alternative to microwave synthesizers.

Q-Tube-12mL pressure reactor is an ideal size for reaction optimization and analogue synthesis. Up to 1.2g of starting materials can be run in 12mL pressure reactor.

Q-Tube-35mL pressure reactor is an ideal size for intermediate synthesis, including hydrogenation. Up to 3.4 g of starting materials can be run in 35mL pressure reactor.

QianCap is a safety cap for standard pressure bottles / tubes with internal threads #15 and 25.

Q-Optimizer and Q-Parallel Synthesizer-12 are the first of its kind that can conduct parallel synthesis in pressure /sealed vessels (up to 200 psi). Q-Optimizer enables chemists to conduct 6 optimizations simultaneously and get reaction data in minutes. Q-Parallel Synthesizer-12 can be used for quick parallel synthesis, including hydrogenation, and 12 parallel synthesis can be done in as short as 40 minutes, faster than sequential run in a microwave synthesizer.

Pressure monitor and purging systems are available on both Q-Tube and QianCap.

Q-Blocks are heating blocks specially designed for standard pressure bottles. Q-Blocks enable easy, clean and safe heating for pressure tubes and bottles without the hazards or problems associated with oil baths or heating mantles.

Email to SALES@QLABTECH.COM for technical questions.